Allegro Artistic Skating Club

Our Next Events:

WARM Meet - Appleton, WI - Feb 22, 2015
OH Invitational - April 2015
Romeoville IIWAL Meet (Pre-Regionals) - Memorial Weekend 2015
Great Lakes Regional Championships, Romeoville, IL - June 2015
USARS Figure National Championships, Albuquerque, NM - July 2015

Holiday Program
Skaters Edge - January 11, 2015
Front Row: Addison, Kylie, Analysa, Hannah, Mallory
Middle Row: Ethan, McKenzie, Angel, Sophia, Lauren, Ian
Back Row: Emilee K, Faith, Elizabeth, Ashley, Haley, Emilie A, Tiana, Coach Dayna

Allegro Figure & Speed Testing
November 20, 2014
First Row: Lauren - Speed 2, McKenzie - SuperSkater 1 & 2
Second Row: Violet -Freestyle 1, Addison - Freestyle 1 & SuperSkater 2, Mallory - SuperSkater 2
Back Row: Sophia - Freestyle 1, Tiana - Freestyle 4, Micah - SuperSkater 1 & Speed 1 & 2, Hannah - Speed 1 & 2, Philip - SuperSkater 1 & Speed 1 & 2
Not Pictured: Ian - Freestyle 2, Serena - Freestyle 1

Skate Camp - Warsaw, IN - Nov 7-10, 2014

Skaters attended skate camp to train with Coach Jayson from Australia and Coach Christina from Italy, along with 60 other skaters and 20+ coaches from across the United States.
Allegro Skaters included Lauren, Tiana, Elizabeth and Ashley.

2013-14 Summer Program    -    August 14, 2014
"Rolling to Music From The Movies"
Front Row:  Fallon, Addison, Mallory, McKenzie, Kylie
Middle Row: Sophia, Ian, Lauren, Violet, Ethan
Back Row:  Coach Dayna, Tiana, Ashley, Haley, Emilie A, Emilee K


 Recent Competition Results 

IIWAL Meet - Aurora IL - Jan 24 & 25, 2015
Lauren: 2nd Primary Girls Freestyle, 5th Elementary A Creative Solo
Elizabeth: 1st Fr/Soph C Solo Dance, 1st Fr/Soph B Freestyle, 6th Open B Creative
Tiana: 1st Fr/Soph C Freestyle, 8th Open B Creative
Ashley: 1st Soph A Freestyle, 1st Open A Creative, 1st Fun Freestyle, 1st Fr/Soph B Solo


Great Lakes Regional Championships
Shelby Township (Detroit area), MI - June 21-25, 2014

WI All Stars Precision Team
(in combination with Cudahy, WI skaters) - 7th place & National Qualifiers
Emilie, Tiana, Lauren, Ashley & Beth

Individual Results:
Lauren:                                                                    Beth
9th Place Primary Freestyle                                      4th Fr/Soph C Solo Dance
18th Elem Creative                                                  13th Fr/Soph B Freestyle
                                                                               14th Open B Creative
                        Tiana:                                                                              Ashley:  3rd Soph A Freestyle
8th Juv/Elem C Freestyle                                                    1st Fr/Soph B Team Dance
                                                                                       5th Open A Creative, 6th Fr/Soph B Solo Dance

2014 Nationals - Lincoln, NE
July 21-27, 2014

WI All Stars Precision                                              Ashley (& Blake)
8th Place - Junior Precision                               3rd - Fr/Soph B Team Dance
Beth, Ashley, Tiana,
Emilie A, Emilee K


Ashley - 10th                                                      Ashley - 9th
Open A Creative "Happy"                            Sophmore A Women Freestyle

WARM Meet, Butler, WI - June 8, 2014
Elizabeth - 1st Fr/Soph C Figures, 1st Fr/Soph C Solo, 1st Soph A FS, 1st Fr/Soph B FS, 3rd Open B Creative
Ian - 1st First Yr FS, 2nd Primary FS
Ethan - 1st Tiny Tot FS, 2nd First Yr FS
Tiana - 2nd Juv/Elem A FS, 3rd Juv/Elem B FS, 3rd Juv/Elem C FS
Emilie - 1st First Yr FS, 1st Fr/Soph C FS, 2nd Fr/Soph B FS
Ashley - 1st Fr/Soph B Team, 1st Open A Creative, 1st Fr A Loops, 2nd Fr/Soph B Solo

IIWAL Lombard, IL - May 25-26, 2014

Lauren - 1st Elem Pairs, 4th Primary FS, 11th Elem Creative
Ian - 1st Elem Pairs, 5th Primary FS
Ethan - 3rd Tiny Tot FS
Tiana - 7th Juv/Elem C FS, 8th Juv/Elem B FS
Elizabeth - 1st Fr/Soph B FS, 3rd Fr/Soph C Solo Dance, 5th Open B Creative
Ashley - 1st Fun FS, 1st Fr/Soph B Team Dance, 2nd Open A Creative,
3rd Fr/Soph A FS, 5th Fr/Soph B Solo Dance

    OH Invitational, Elyria, OH - April 26-27, 2014
Beth - 3rd Open B Creative, 3rd Fr/Soph C Solo, 8th Fr/Soph B Freestyle, 4th Open A Creative
Ashley - 1st Fr/Soph B Team, 3rd Fr/Soph B Solo, 2nd Open A Creative, 2nd Soph A FS

Skaters Edge WARM Meet - March 23, 2014
Ethan - 1st Tiny Tot FS, 2nd First Yr FS
Lauren - 1st Primary FS, 1st Elem B Pairs, 1st Elem Creative, 3rd Juvenile A FS
Ian - 1st Elem B Pairs, 1st First Yr FS, 4th Primary FS
Beth - 1st Fr/Soph B FS, 1st Fr/Soph C Solo, 1st Fr/Soph C Figures, 1st Open B Creative
Ashley - 1st Soph A FS, 1st Fr/Soph B Solo, 1st Fr/Soph B Team Dance, 1st Open A Creative, 1st Loops
Emilie - 1st Fr/Soph C FS, 1st First Yr FS, 2nd Fr/Soph B FS
Tiana - 2nd Juv A FS, 2nd Juv/Elem C FS, 2nd Juv/Elem B FS

Awards Presented at Cudahy February 2014 Meet:
Tiana - WI 2013                            Ashley - WI 2013                        WI (& IL) Regional & National
Beginner Skater of the Year            "A" Skater of the Year                                Skaters


 2013 USARS National Championships

Albuquerque, NM - July 21-29, 2013


Ashley - Silver Medal                                                  Ashley - Silver Medal
Fresh/Soph B Women's Freestyle                            Open A Creative Solo "Footloose"

Ashley "Devil Went Down To GA" - 5th Place, Open B Creative Solo

Ashley - Finalist Freshman A Girls' Freestyle - Fourth Place Overall

USARS National Championships
Lincoln, NE          July 23 - August 1, 2012
Ashley Hacker
-Freshman A Girls Freestyle - 9th
-Freshman/Sophmore B Womens Freestyle - 12th
-Open B Creative Solo - 16th
Sheena Rohr
-Freshman/Sophmore C Women's Freestyle - 14th
Spencer Meyer
-Juvenile/Elementary C Boys Freestyle - 7th
Elizabeth Metzner
-Juvenile/Elementary C Girls Freestyle - 19th
Heather Meyer & Spencer Meyer
-Elementary B Pairs - 6th