Allegro Artistic Skating Club

Allegro Artistic Club has had National-Qualifying skaters for the last nine years, including multiple Event Finalists and National medals!

Artistic Skating Club

Skaters will continue to develop freestyle skills (jumps, spins & footwork). Students will participate in programs, achievement testing, and eventually have the option to compete (if desired).

Many skaters also elect to learn other aspects of artistic skating, including solo dance, creative solo and team events.

Tuesdays Artistic Lessons
Intermediate Freestyle  - 5:30 - 6:00 pm

Advanced Freestyle - 6:30 - 7:00 pm

$40.00 per skater per month
Includes Tuesday Group lessons, plus additional times on Thursdays & Saturdays.
(Private Lesson Costs additional)
Includes $1 off regular skating sessions.

Please call for more information.

Private lessons available

Our Next Events:

May 20 (Tentative) - WARM Meet - Butler, WI
June 2-3, 2018 - IIWAL - Lynwood, IL
June 23-27, 2018 - Great Lakes Regionals - Appleton, WI
Free Admission for GL Regionals at Skaters EDGE!!
Learn about Figure Skating and support your local skaters!
July 21-Aug 4, 2018 - USA Roller Sports National Championships

 Recent Competition Results 

USA Roller Sports National Championships
Lincoln, NE - July 23-Aug 1, 2017
Great Lakes Regional Championships
Canton, MI - June 23-27, 2017
Lauren, Serena, Elizabeth, Ashley, Emilie & Tiana

USA Roller Sports National Championships
Lincoln, NE - July 21-Aug 1, 2016
Open Quartet - 5th place  (Tiana, Ashley, Emilie, Elizabeth)
Ashley Individual Events - JWC Freestyle 9th, Int'l Free Dance 9th, Soph A Freestyle 10th, Soph A Solo Dance 16th

Great Lakes Regionals
West Chester, OH - June 18-22, 2016
"Fun House" Quartet - 3rd Open Quartet (Emilie, Tiana, Elizabeth, Ashley)
Emilie - 3rd Fr/Soph C Freestyle, 5th Fr/Soph C Solo Dance, 11th Fr/Soph B Freestyle
Lauren - 1st Juv/Elem Solo Dance, 7th Juv A Freestyle, 10th Juv/Elem B  Freestyle, 15th Elem Creative
Elizabeth - 3rd Fr/Soph C Solo, 8th Fr/Soph B Solo, 15th Fr/Soph B Freestyle
Tiana - 4th Fr/Soph C Freestyle, 6th Fr/Soph C Solo, 16th Fr/Soph B Freestyle
Ashley - 1st Soph A Freestyle, 1st International Freedance, 4th Jr World Class Freestyle, 5th Soph A Solo

2015 USARS Figure National Championships
Albuquerque, NM - July 19-25, 2015
"Stop, Hop & Roll" - 3rd Place, Senior Small Show Group
Members: Tiana, Cheyenne (IL), Elizabeth, Jonathan (IL), Emilie, Ashley (Coach Dayna)

2nd Sophmore A Womens Singles