Skate Lessons

Our certified skating instructor offers lessons for all ages and levels.
Skaters start with learning the basics - get ready for a field trip, birthday party or to come skating with family and friends.
Many skaters move on to Allegro Artistic or Speed Clubs, or Junior Roller Derby.


Learn to Skate 

Tuesday Evenings
5:00 - 5:30

Students will learn skating forward, backward, stopping, crossing over, stooping (limbo), and beginning jumps and spins.

New skaters of any age are always welcome! 
New Skaters may come on Tuesday nights at  4:50 pm.
For more info, please call.

Try your first lesson for $5!

Beginning Figure Skating

Tuesday Evenings
5:30 - 6:00

Students will learn entry level jumps, spins, footwork and performing.

Skaters interested in figure skating will start with "Learn to Skate" lessons, and can work with the coach as to when they are ready to move into beginning figure skating.

See Allegro Artistic Skating Club page for more information on our figure skating teams!

Super Skater Club
Monthly package for both Learn to Skate and Beginning Freestyle

per skater per month

Family Rate =
$28 for the first family member, $20 for each additional family member

Includes the Tuesday lessons for the month plus 1 free session skating pass

Team Events
Start with Super Skater club, or call for more information!